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MOUNT AND ENJOY: Enjoy watching wild birds up close--right at your window.

DESIGNED TO ATTRACT ORIOLES: Sides are made of orange poly lumber - a gorgeous pop of color to attract Orioles to your window.

DURABLE: Suction cups are the best you can buy - these are not cheap and flimsy imports. They are unaffected by weather and temperature. 4 suction cups secure the feeder to your window (2 on top and 2 on bottom)

WILL NOT RUST: Stainless steel screws attached to the suction cups will not rust.

INCLUDES: 2 plastic jars for feeding


Width: 9"

Height: 7"

Deep: 5"

Capacity: 2 jars, each holds about 1/2 cup of jelly each

Construction: Acrylic and Poly Lumber

Mounting: 4 Suction cups, provided

Birds that use this feeder: Orioles

Seed or Feed Options: Jelly

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

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