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This enclosed feeder boasts 16 different 1.5" diameter entrance holes which are perfectly sized to accommodate Eastern and Western Bluebirds. Inside the feeder are 4 total cups perfect for your choice of dried meal worms. With this careful design, your bluebirds can feast while larger bully bird species like Starlings simply can't get inside to your mealworms. Our enclosed bluebird feeder also features an overhanging poly lumber roof which keeps your mealworms dry and safe from overhead messes. The roof of this feeder easily slides upward to refill the included mealworm cups, and the attached hanging cable means easy mounting. Acrylic front and back sides of this feeder also allow you to watch your beautiful bluebirds snacking without obstruction. Constructed with durable and sustainable recycled poly lumber and clear acrylic, your feeder is easy to clean and will stay looking wonderful in your garden for seasons to come.


Overall Dimensions: 11" H x 10.25" W x 12.25" D

Capacity: 2+ cups of dried mealworms

Birds That Would Use This Feeder: Eastern and Western Bluebirds

Construction: Recycled Poly Lumber and Acrylic

Country of Origin: Proudly Made in the USA!

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