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This All Acrylic Window Bird Feeder holds 2 cups of bird seed and is a great asset to your window! Attach this see through feeder to your window for an up close and personal feeding experience with your favorite backyard birds. The removable seed tray makes refilling and cleaning a breeze. The seed tray features small holes in the bottom of the tray to help prevent the build up of wet bird seed. When removing the tray from the feeder, there are two cut outs on the bottom of the feeder itself to let water escape the seed tray. To also help with rain and snow from getting into the feeder, the roof overhangs an extra 1.25" past the feeding tray to keep precipitation at a distance. The feeder comes equipped with four heavy duty suction cups that slide and lock into the back of the feeder with ease. The feeder can be removed from the window while the suction cups stay attached because of the slide and lock feature. Want to try feeding two different types of seed at the same time? That's not a problem with our divided seed tray!


Width: 12"

Depth: 5.25"

Height: 7"

Capacity: 2 cups

Opening Size: 3.75"

Seed Tray Depth: 3.25"

Construction: Acrylic

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