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Put the lockdown on "bully" birds and critters with this mealworm feeder based on the design by Steve Gilbertson. Bluebirds and other desirable mealworm eating birds can come and go as they please while squirrels and European Starlings are thwarted. Now with 2 feeding cups, simply fill with mealworms or other desired food, open the "gate", and place the cups in the holes in the center of the feeder. For best results place near a water feature such as a birdbath.

Features of your Feeder:
● The Deluxe Modern Enclosed Bluebird Feeder is a “caged” type feeder. It is designed to keep larger birds like European Starlings and Northern Mockingbirds out, but still allow bluebirds and other small songbirds access.
● There are grooves cut into all 4 outer sides of the base to allow the bluebirds a better place to grab onto when entering the feeder. These grooves also contain drain holes at each end so that water does not collect in them.
● Feeder includes 2 plastic mealworm cups which holds approximately 4oz of mealworms each. Should the need ever arise, replacement cups are available.
● Your feeder is constructed using high-quality, recycled poly-lumber. This material is made out of at least 95% recycled milk jugs and is guaranteed to never crack, split or fade due to normal weather exposure.
● Cleaning is a breeze. Simply use warm water and a mild soap to clean this feeder. Even though the mealworm cup is under cover, don’t forget to clean it from time to time as well.


Dimensions: 16"L X 11.5"W X 5"H (12.5" with Hanger)

Capacity: 48 oz

Construction: Recycled Poly Lumber

Mounting: Hang

Birds That Will Use This Feeder: Bluebirds, Small Songbirds, Wrens, Sparrows

Seed or Feed Options: Dried or Live Mealworms, Seed Blends, Crumbled Suet

Origin Country: Made in the USA!

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