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Each year, hundreds of millions of songbirds perish as a result of window strikes in America. Now, you can be part of the solution. After two painstaking years of chemical engineering, WindowAlert announces the ultimate product-UV Liquid. UV Liquid is designed to fill in the gaps between our decals on windows-providing complete window protection. WindowAlert decals catch the attention of birds. UV Liquid completes the visual barrier.

UV Liquid is easy to apply. Simply use our bingo marker to make dots on window glass. The dots dry to clear, last three months, and are easy to remove. And, they save songbirds!

CONTENTS: 1.5oz Bottle of UV Liquid

Application Instructions

-WindowAlert UV Liquid may be used only on an exterior glass surface - free of any overlay, tinting, lm or coating.

-Clean glass thoroughly. Make sure glass is free of chemicals and cleaners before applying UV Liquid.

-Shake UV Liquid gently prior to usage.

-For best results, use both WindowAlert UV Decals and UV Liquid together on glass. Place decals every few feet of glass. Protect remaining areas by gently touching UV Liquid marker to glass, forming a dot. WindowAlert decals have the greatest UV reectivity and thus garner the most attention from birds. UV Liquid dots help fill in the gaps.

-Attempt to create a visual barrier across glass surfaces. The more decals and the more UV Liquid used, the safer the glass.

-Dry time is approximately 60 minutes at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. UV Liquid goes on purple and dries to clear. (In rare instances, insects such as no-see-ums may be attracted to and caught in wet UV Liquid. If so, apply when insects are not present.) While drying, UV Liquid can be contaminated by wind borne dust or pollen. For best results, apply during calm weather with low pollen count.

-UV Liquid will fade based on exposure and local elevation. Re-apply every 3 months. (UV Decals and UV Liquid may be tested by purchasing a WindowAlert UV Tester light.)