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Our largest feeder now has extra feeding options! The two gallon large hopper feeder has cages attached to the sides to hold standard suet cakes or even cuts of fruit. The feeder is still easy to refill and clean and the body is still made from recycled poly lumber which will not crack, split, or fade.

Constructed with all stainless steel screws to prevent rusting. The slotted acrylic sides help create a steady flow of bird seed filling into the removable seed tray so there will not be a build up of seed held hostage inside the hopper feeder. The acrylic screens and the seed tray are removable for easy cleaning. The top roof panel can be shifted aside to make refilling this feeder an easy task. Seed tray has small drainage holes to keep seed dry to resist molding. This Large Hopper Bird Feeder must be pole mounted from the bottom of the feeder. This feeder has been tested to hold up to 2 gallons of bird seed as well as 2 standard suet cakes in the side cages (about 27 lbs when full!).

Gray/Cardinal Red
Tan/Cardinal Red

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