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Build your own JCs Wildlife Barn Owl Box with this Do It Yourself Assembly Kit!

Now you can enjoy the process of putting one of these boxes together with your own hands. This is a great project to do with children to get them involved with outdoor projects. You can have the satisfaction of a product you made hanging in your yard for your friends and family to see. Not only having the handmade kit hanging up, it also gives you the chance to enjoy having wildlife in your backyard!

Comes with full instructions on assembly and mounting. Modeled after the design of owl expert Steve Simmons, this box meets the specific needs of the Barn Owl.

The entrance hole is elliptical in shape to provide protection from predators including raccoons and Great Horned Owls. Additionally, there is an interior divider separating the box into two compartments. Should a predator be able to reach into the box, they will be unable to reach the owl or owlets on the other side of the divider.

The entrance hole is also placed in consideration of young owlets to prevent them from being pushed out of the box by others behind them especially as they all seek to be fed first. Special "grip" grooves underneath the entrance hole also help the adult owl gain access into the box.

A door at the end of the box allows for easy access to the interior - making clean out a simple and quick task. This also provides easy access to mount a wildlife camera in the box, so you can enjoy viewing your young owlets during their growth process.

Nesting Material: Although Barn Owls can and will find their own nesting material, a bag of pine shavings is included with your Barn Owl Box Kit. Scattering some on the floor of the box when mounting will make the Box more appealing to the owl. If you need to replace the nesting material, pine shavings are the safest option.

** Cedar should not be used as the dust and fumes has been known to irritate young owls. **

This nesting box comes comes included with stainless steel mounting screws for easy installation of our newly designed mounting system. Three total mounting strips are included in the kit to mount your box to the desired location.

** No paint or varnish should be applied to the interior. Use of these finishes on the interior of the box could deter Barn Owls from nesting. **

The finished version of our Barn Owl Box is often used as a form of natural pest control in many farms, vineyards and estates to keep rodents from ruining crops and fields. The DIY kit would be just as successful if chosen to be used for rodent control.


Box Dimensions: 24" W x 21" D x 19.25" H
Hole Diameter: 5.5" W x 4.5" H
Construction: Exterior Grade Plywood
Hole Height Above Floor: 13"
Birds That Would Use This Box: Barn Owl
Origin Country: Made in the USA

Download instructions here!