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Keep your birdhouses at their best with the JCs Wildlife Birdhouse Cleaner. Made with enzymes from plants, this birdhouse cleaner is formulated to ensure a natural clean and healthy environment for your birds without risking damage from harmful chemicals. Our cleaner is also safe for all birds, and holds no restrictions when used as directed. By using the JCs Wildlife Birdhouse Cleaner, your houses will stay clean and safe for your birds, removing any lingering pests and organic contaminants.

DIRECTIONS & BEST RESULTS (When water is available)
Fall: After birds have left for the season, remove all nesting material. Mix four (4) ounces of Birdhouse Cleaner and a half ounce of dish soap in a gallon of warm water. Add one ounce of Vanilla Extract to the mixture. With a clean cloth, wash out birdhouse. Spray the entire outside of birdhouse with mixture. No rinsing is necessary. Birdhouse Cleaner will remain active for several months protecting the birdhouse from inanimate organic contaminants. Spring: Prior to the arrival of birds, mist entire compartment again. Our product will remain effective for several months during the hatching and rearing season.

DIRECTIONS (When no water is available)
Fall: Remove all nesting material. Spray Birdhouse Cleaner into the birdhouse, making sure to saturate all cracks and crevices. Spray the entire outside of the birdhouse. Spring: Spray inside compartment and entire outside of the birdhouse.


Designated Use: Birdhouses

Application Method: Mix into water or Spray (multiple methods)

Country of Origin: Proudly made in the USA!

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