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The JCS Wildlife Large Cedar Platform Combo Feeder will attract a wide variety of birds to your yard or garden. The removable tray with a built-in handle makes filling and cleaning a snap! Small holes in the bottom of the tray prevent water from pooling and soaking the bird seed. The feeder is constructed entirely from cedar wood and is fastened together using stainless steel screws. Cedar wood is not only naturally resistant to the outdoor elements, but it blends in well with landscaping too! The open design of platform feeders allows you to offer a wide variety of seed types, including nuts, dried fruit and mealworms. This also means that many different bird species will visit your feeder – and don’t be surprised if you see a critter stopping by for a snack as well.

Our platform feeders are all shipped without the legs attached. Screws are provided and holes are pre-drilled, making assembly quite easy.

This feeder is called “Combo” for good reason. Simply remove the legs and attach the supplied chain and you now have a hanging platform feeder! The JCS Wildlife Hanging Platform Feeder hangs securely by four 17” chains and an aluminum S-hook which can support up to 35lbs. With the same open design, this option of our combo feeder can be hung from a shepherd’s hook or branch hook to elevate your bird feeding experience.

Dimensions (ground feeder): 18” wide X 12.5” deep X 9” high
Dimensions (hanging): 18” wide X 10.75” deep X 2.75” high

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