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* Side door opens for easy cleaning

* Entrance hole is 1.5" in diameter, perfect for bluebirds

* Birds that would use this house: Bluebirds

* Made in Southern Indiana!

This beautiful hand-made Bluebird house is made by JCs Wildlife of Cedar Wood with a recycled Poly Lumber roof and predator guard. This box has been proven successful in being an ideal house for Bluebirds to call home. The open ventilation holes keep the box from overheating in the summer months. The 1.5" diameter entrance hole is large enough for Bluebirds, but not other bully birds or predators. It features all screwed construction using stainless steel screws and routed edges. The side-opening door offers easy access for cleaning. Simply mount the house by using the mounting screw provided along with our instruction and information guide.

It is best to place your box with the portal facing east, preferably towards an open field or lightly wooded area. Multiple boxes may be mounted about 15-20 feet apart. The ideal height for mounting your bluebird box is between 4 and 6 feet from the ground. It is best to mount your nesting box between late September - mid-February, before nesting season begins. The earlier you mount the box, the better, as this allows more time for the birds to scout it out; however, bluebirds may also scout out a new nesting site later in the season to re-nest.