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Attract your favorite critters with our 40 lb Bag of Loose Shelled Wildlife Feed Corn AKA JCs Wildlife Critter Corn. Our Critter Corn is grown in our very own hometown of Evansville, Indiana using great care to ensure that your furry friends get the best. The JCs Wildlife Critter Corn attracts a great variety of wildlife to your feeder, including squirrels, deer, turkeys, ducks, woodchucks, foxes, raccoons, crows, hawks, songbirds, and more! Your backyard wildlife will love the sweet treat of corn throughout the year, especially in the colder months. Our loose corn is packaged in sturdy bags which not only keep your corn fresh, but keep moisture from building up and spoiling the feed. Available in 40-pound bags, our feed corn will keep your feeders stocked longer, ensuring that your animals will keep coming back for snacks.

Our JCs Wildlife Critter Corn can be offered in tray bird feeders, platform feeders, ground feeders, and even scattered on the ground for your animals.

Contains: 1 bag of USA-grown loose shelled corn, weighing 40 lbs.