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Give your birds a feast with the JCs Wildlife Double Fly Thru Bird Feeder! Our popular Fly Thru bird feeders are now available with even more capacity for your hungry birds. Designed with 2 removable seed trays and 2 attached double suet cages, birds will flock to your garden and your feeder will stay full longer. Filling this feeder is also easy--simply remove each tray to pour in your favorite seed blends, and each suet cage opens from the front to refill.

The JCs Wildlife Double Fly Thru is proudly made in our production shop in Southern Indiana using eco-friendly Recycled Poly Lumber, which is guaranteed not to fade, split, or crack due to weather. This feeder will stay strong in your garden for seasons to come and will keep your food protected from the elements with an overhanging roof. Our feeder also features two removable seed trays for your favorite loose bird seed, with drainage holes to keep your seed dry and safe from seed waste.

The Double Fly Thru holds approximately 8 cups of loose bird seed, and 4 standard-size suet cakes or seed cakes. Since this feeder can weigh up to 18-20 lbs when full, we highly recommend pole-mounting this bird feeder for best results.


Overall Dimensions: 20" H x 19" W x 12" D

Construction: Recycled Poly Lumber, Plastic Seed Trays, PVC Coated Wire Cages

Capacity: 8 cups of loose bird seed & 4 standard suet cakes or seed cakes

Country of Origin: Made in the USA!

Blue and Gray
Red and Gray
Green and Tan