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  • Recycled poly lumber construction on the roof and front accent piece will look great for years to come, along with the Cedar body

  • Peanuts in the shell are popular among Blue Jays and other jay species, Red-Bellied Woodpeckers and occasionally Cardinals, along with Squirrels

  • New hinged roof design makes filling easy!

  • Handmade in Southern Indiana!

This original whole-shell peanut feeder is a brand new design with an all new hinge feature, making it even easier to refill. The metal grate provides a great way for birds to hold on and access the shelled peanuts. Two 3-inch screws have been added to attach dried corn for squirrels, making this the ultimate double snacker!


Mounting bracket and screws included.


Peanuts in the shell are most popular with birds and squirrels.