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Feed your birds their favorite treats with the JCs Wildlife Double Suet Cage Feeder! This suet cage is designed with both birds and birders in mind. Sturdy PVC coated wire mesh provides plenty of clinging areas for feeding at this suet feeder, and an easy-open front allows for easy refilling. Our cage bird feeder can hold either 2 standard suet cakes or 2 small seed cakes, allowing you to keep your birds fed and happy. Our suet cage bird feeder can also be hung or mounted via the included hanging chain or two included mounting screws, ready for the perfect spot in your garden. Once mounted, simply open the front of the suet cage and insert your favorite suet or seed cake, and you are ready to feed your feathered friends. Product made in China.


Overall Dimensions: 5.25" H x 9.25" W x 2" D

Construction: PVC coated wire mesh

Capacity: 2 standard suet cakes or small seed cakes

Mounting: includes hanging chain and 2 mounting screws

Country of Origin: China