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Give your squirrels a sweet treat

Watching squirrels run around and get into trouble is primetime backyard entertainment. Treat your squirrels to a snack with the JCs Wildlife Dried Squirrel Corn Cobs. Squirrels, raccoons, deer, chipmunks and other backyard creatures find our dried corn to be a sweet treat especially during the colder months when the critters are needing a energy source! The corn cobs are dried and packaged in a breathable bag to make sure that no moisture will build up and spoil the cobs. All our the corn is grown in our hometown of Evansville, Indiana by local farmers.

  • 1 pack will weigh approximately 14lbs
  • 2 pack will weigh approximately 28 lbs
  • 3 pack will weigh approximately 42 lbs

Why feed corn to squirrels?

Feeding squirrels separately is a good way to keep them from stealing bird seed out of the bird feeders. Offer squirrel corn on a fun squirrel feeder like our Poly Squirrel Swing to draw them away from bird feeders and give you a chuckle!