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Turn your bird feeder into your new favorite smart feeder with our new camera system, featuring a Wi-Fi enabled camera, and a solar panel to keep your camera naturally charged at all times by the sun. This new camera system will feature an app on your smartphone to view birds of all breeds that visit this feeder. Unlike other smart feeders made of plastic, our feeder is made out recycled polylumber which will not crack, fade or split over time in any elements. Our products are built to last for years and years to come!

Introducing the latest solution for effortless hopper feeder refilling – the JCS Wildlife E-Z Fill Smart Hopper Feeder! Featuring an innovative hinged roof design - refilling is a breeze! Simply twist the roof locking lever and tilt from the front hinge. With a spacious capacity of up to 5 pounds of loose birdseed, this feeder offers convenience and efficiency.

Versatile mounting options allow you to place it on a pole system, tree, or fence. For tree, fence or surface mounting, the package includes a mounting hardware kit. Opting for a pole mount? No problem! The feeder comes with pre-drilled pilot holes on the bottom that align perfectly with our Universal Pole Kit brackets, ensuring a secure and easy setup. Upgrade your bird feeding experience with the JCS Wildlife E-Z Fill Smart Hopper Feeder today!

Pairing with the Bird Lovers App (iOS and Android), and with AI you can easily identify which breeds visit your feeder!

A few things to note..
If you wish to enable the AI portion of the app, it will require a Cloud storage subscription at an additional fee that goes through the app and not JCS Wildlife. It's not required to have this feature to use everything else in the app. There is also the option to insert a micro SD card (Not sold through JCS Wildlife) at the top of the camera, it is also not required.