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ENVIRONMENTAL: Made by hand at our JCs Wildlife location using recycled poly lumber

ENJOYABLE DESIGN: Fun color design that stands out among your feeders. A great place for bluebirds to perch and enjoy their treat!

DIMENSIONS: 9" L x 7" W x 11" H and approx. 1lb 11oz

SIMPLE AND HASSLE FREE: Comes with 2 plastic jars for feeding.

The JCs Wildlife Geometric Window Bluebird Feeder is a sleek addition to our Window Bluebird Feeder collection. With a design featuring a hexagonal shape, this window feeder will bring modern style to your window while continuing to easily feed the birds you love. This new design also features wider side openings which allow for easier viewing without compromising the functionality of the feeder.

The design of this window bluebird feeder also allows for easy cleaning! Proudly made in the USA from Recycled Poly Lumber and 1/8" Plexiglass with stainless steel screws, and 2 mealworm jars. The hanging cable for this feeder comes attached, and the dark blue of the poly lumber adds a wonderful pop of color to your window. This window feeder is a great place for the Bluebirds to perch and enjoy their mealworm treat!