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Attract birds (and keep them dry) with a covered platform feeder

Enjoy sitting back and watching your backyard birds fly in and out of our open Large Fly Thru Platform Bird Feeder as they take turns to grab a bite to eat. Fly thru bird feeders can and will attract a wide variety of backyard birds including cardinals, blue jays, wrens, chickadees and other songbirds. This feeder is large enough to accommodate many birds at one time so no one is stuck waiting. Simply fill the feeder and watch the birds flock to feed.

  • Large size will hold up to 8 cups of your favorite bird seed
  • Choose to hang or pole mount your fly thru feeder
  • Removable seed tray with handle makes for easy refilling
  • Water will flow through the drainage holes in the seed tray to prevent mold
  • Platform feeders will attract the greatest number of birds
  • Dimensions: 17.5" W x 11" H x 10.25" D

Poly Lumber Construction

The durability of the weather-resistant poly lumber makes our fly thru covered platform feeder extremely tough so it withstands the elements on the harshest weather days. The eco-friendly material is guaranteed to never crack, split or fade from natural causes. Choose from five color variations to give your backyard a pop of color.

Need a Mounting Pole?

Choose between two of our favorite poles from Squirrel Stopper: the Denali Squirrel Proof Pole or the Universal Mounting Pole Kit.

Adding the Denali will make this bird feeder combination a squirrel proof bird feeding machine! Squirrels can't figure out how to get past the Squirrel Stopper's patented baffle.

The Universal Mounting Pole Kit is the exact same pole as the Denali, just minus the baffle. Choose this pole for a more traditional look to your backyard.

When properly installed, each pole will stand about 5 feet high.

Red and Gray
Blue and Gray
Green and Tan
Red and Tan
Yellow and Gray