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The Peterson nest box was developed by Dick Peterson of Brooklyn, MN. His somewhat unique design has been modified over the years and has become increasingly popular. We took that design and applied our own expertise, using our recycled poly lumber for the construction, meaning that the house will not crack, split, or fade!

Grip grooves, or kerfs, inside the nest box will help the birds climb out of the box easily. A large downward-swinging door allows easy access to clean or monitor the box. This design also allows for the door to be open without disturbing the nest. The tilted nest shelf creates an ideal base on which the adult birds can construct their nest. It also has holes drilled in it to help with drainage. The box has a large slot opening in the bottom, small side openings, and front & rear gaps between the roof and the sides of the box to promote airflow.

It is best to place your box with the portal facing east, preferably toward an open field or lightly wooded area. Multiple boxes may be mounted about 15-20 feet apart, so purchase additional boxes for all your bluebird friends!

The ideal height for mounting your bluebird box is between 4 and 6 feet from the ground. It is best to mount your nesting box between late September and mid-February, before nesting season begins. The earlier you mount the box, the better, as this allows more time for the birds to scout it out; however, bluebirds may also scout out a new nesting site later in the season to re-nest. Your box may be mounted to a tree, post or on a pole. A bracket with screws is included for mounting on a post or tree. A Phillips head screwdriver is required for mounting.

The recycled poly lumber makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze! Simply sweep out the old nest and debris once the nest box is no longer in use for the season. A mild enzyme detergent may be used for cleaning.


Outside Dimensions: 17" H x 10" D x 8" W

Entrance Hole: 1.375" x 2.25" oval

Inside Dimensions: 8.5" H x 6.5" D (top) 3" D (bottom) x 3.5" W

Birds That Would Use This House: Eastern and Western Bluebirds

Country of Origin: Proudly Made in the USA!