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This beautiful hand-made squirrel house is made by JCs Wildlife with exterior grade plywood. It features all screwed construction using weather-resistant deck screws. This house's resilient construction and innovative design is sure to entertain and protect its small furry inhabitants. The predator guard and multi-tier platforms prevent predators like raccoons and opossums from having access to the inside. The front is able to be opened, providing easy access to clean the inside when it is empty.

Note: This squirrel house is constructed with exterior grade plywood; however the wood is not treated, and will naturally breakdown overtime. To further the lifespan against the elements, we highly recommend using an eco-friendly sealer prior to mounting. If you choose to use a sealer (or paint) on the box, it should only be applied to the OUTSIDE of the nesting box and must be completely DRY prior to mounting. Additionally, it is best to re-apply the sealer in a timely fashion per the manufacturers recommendations to protect and prolong the lifespan of your nesting box.

Made in the USA! Specifications: Outside Dimensions: 14.75" W X 17.5" H X 10.25" D Inside Dimensions: 8" W X 16.5" H X 8.5" Construction: Exterior grade plywood Origin Country: USA