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Invite some nocturnal friends to stay with the JCs Wildlife Recycled Poly Lumber Single Chamber Bat House!

This bat house design is the culmination of over 20 years of bat house design and research by certified wildlife biologist Steve Barlow, founder and owner of Wildlife Integration, LLC.

This house is also carefully built to meet and exceed proven bat house design criteria set forth by Bat Conservation International. The house also features a patent-pending Versa-Chamber design which provides graduated crevice spacings to accommodate all bat species in North America occupying bat houses.

The JCs Wildlife Recycled Poly Lumber Single Chamber Bat House is brown with a green roof, and a black back side. This color variation allows for use in most of North America, keeping in heat from the morning sun without overheating the bats inside during the day while they sleep.

While traditional wooden houses decay rapidly from the inside out due to bat activity and guano, our product is made completely of recycled poly lumber and stainless steel fasteners. This sturdy construction will be practically indestructible to both bat usage and attempts to usurp by woodpeckers, squirrels, and other unwanted guests.

The JCs Wildlife Recycled Poly Lumber Single Chamber Bat House also boasts roosting crevices with pass-through grips and ventilation grooves for maximum airflow and superb gripping surfaces for bat use.

Our Single Chamber Bat House also come pre-drilled for easy mounting to a pole or gable end of a building, along with four included stainless steel mounting screws. With a simple installation process, you'll be housing hundreds of bats in no time.

This bat house can house up to 100 insect-eating bats (depending on animal size) and can house every bat species that normally uses bat houses, including Little Brown Bats, Big Brown Bats, as well as others based on your location. Bats are wonderful additions to reduce flying insects in your area, as well as increasing the number of natural pollinators for your garden. Bats living in this house will also provide a spectacular bat flight exist event every evening!


Construction: Poly Lumber with Stainless Steel Screws

Color: Brown, with a green roof and black backside

Animals That Would Use This House: Bats (various species)

Misc: Includes four (4) mounting screws

Product Weight: 12 lbs

Origin Country: Made in the USA