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Show some style at your window with the JCs Wildlife Swoop Window Bird Feeder. Made with clear acrylic and sturdy eco-friendly recycled poly lumber, this window bird feeder is sure to look wonderful in your yard for seasons to come. Featuring an overhanging acrylic roof and small drainage holes in the bottom, your seed will stay safe from seed buildup and mold without obstructing the view of your favorite birds.

Included with this feeder are two strong mushroom-style suction cups, which fit snug into your feeder and will cling securely. The JCs Wildlife Swoop feeder is also easy to mount--simply insert your suction cups into the keyhole cuts on the back, and it's window-ready.

Adding a window bird feeder to your home is a wonderful way for beginners to start attracting birds to their area, with an opportunity to see beautiful birds in your garden up close and personal! This window feeder is also a great addition to your existing feeder collection, perfect for adding your favorite loose seed blends.


Capacity: 2 Cups

Bird Seed or Feed Type: Loose Bird Seed

Country of Origin: Proudly Made in the USA!

Red and Black
Red and Blue