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The JCs Wildlife Ultimate Feeder Cleaning Brushes are just what you need for cleaning your hummingbird feeders! This pack come with two brushes that are sure to get your hummingbird feeder squeaky clean! The long brush is used primarily for cleaning the inside of the hummingbird feeder itself. The longer end of fuller brush is used for cleaning the reservoir, making sure to get the inside as clean as possible for your little friends. The shorter side will allow you to clean the base of the feeder as well as any harder to reach nooks and crannies. The smaller brush also has two sides to it, and will work well on the smaller, more detailed parts of your feeder. The more narrowed, pointed end is meant for cleaning the ports where your hummingbirds feed from. The flat side of the brush can be used for cleaning finer details on your hummingbird feeder such as the flowers, raised edges on the design, and more. This product is made in China.

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