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This is the largest Barn Owl Box to come from JCs Wildlife to date! This JCs Wildlife X Large Deluxe Poly Barn Owl Box with Exercise Platform is built out of 100% recycled poly lumber which will not crack, split or fade from being exposed to the elements.

The entrance hole of this house is elliptical in shape to provide protection form predators including raccoons and Great Horned Owls. The entrance hole is placed in consideration of young owlets to prevent them from being pushed out of the box by others behind them especially as they all seek to be fed first. Special "grip" grooves underneath the entrance hole also help the adult owl gain access to the box.

Under the entrance hole is an added exercise platform where owlets that are learning to fly can land on the perch instead of falling out of the box, and adult barn owls can guide owlets back in if they are not ready. This platform extends 7 inches out from the nesting box and wraps around all sides of the box. This exercise platform does not come attached. It will require some assembly.

A door on the end of the box allows for easy access to the interior - making clean out a simple and quick task. This also provides easy access to mount a wildlife camera in the box, so you can enjoy viewing your own young owlets during their growth process.

Our previous nesting box design has proven very successful in attracting and providing homes to thousands of owls. Ranchers, farmers, and vineyards have found these useful for their own natural pest control. This new, larger model sports larger overall dimensions to better accommodate larger broods. We recommend having a partner when it comes to handling this box as it weighs close to 75 lbs.

Nesting Material: Although Barn Owls can and will find their own nesting material, a bag of pine shavings is included with your Barn Owl Nesting Box. Scattering some on the floor of the box when mounting will make the box more appealing to the owl. If you need to replace the nesting material, pine shavings are the safest option.

**Cedar should not be used as the dust and fumes have been known to irritate young owls.**

We are recommending for this barn owl box to be mounted on a 6" x 6" post that is 16' high. This post will need to be in the ground 4' secured with concrete to ensure the integrity of the post due to the weight of the box. A base plat will come included for attaching the barn owl box to the 6" x 6" post and will require some assembly. Mounting post and concrete will need to be purchased separately.

This nesting box comes with included with 4 platform pieces, a base plate, square drill bit, eight 3" screws to mount the 6" x 6" post to the base plate, sixteen 5/8" screws to secure the exercise platform to the box, and six 1" screws that mount the base platform to the body of the box, and pine shavings.

Where Should I Put My Box? Barn owls generally prefer open fields and meadows with a plentiful supply of small animals. The owl generally eats voles, deer mice, house mice, field mice, gophers and small bird, so the box should be placed where there will be a steady diet of these. One should also make sure that the box is mounted at least 1 mile or more away from areas treated with pesticides to keep the Barn Owls safe. For example, on farms with cropland bordered by trees, small animals will be in the area between the tree line and the crop line. Placing boxes in this area will attract the owls hunting there.


Overall Dimensions with Exercise Platform: 31" H x 33" D x 34.25" W
Box Dimensions: 31" H x 22.5" D x 22.5" W (including roof overhang)
Hole Dimensions: 5.5" W x 4.5" H
Hole Height Above Floor: 24"
Birds That Would Use this Nesting Box: Barn Owl
Weight: ~80 lbs
Origin Country: USA

Download instructions here!