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The Link DOTS center holder is a great way to feed hummingbirds! This center holder is designed to stack and additional Link DOT holders can be attached below the center link. Individual Link DOT holders can be attached to one another, making a feeder that can be as long or short as you'd like. Nectar DOTS are now available in large! Each large DOT holds a 1.25 oz of nectar. Simply fill the DOT with nectar and place in the link DOTS holder. Each set includes 12 DOTS and one handmade link DOT holder. Clean your Nectar DOT with mild soap and rinse thoroughly before first use and after each feeding. Specifications Holder is handmade with 100% Recycled Poly Lumber, Stainless steel screws, and 2 UV protected suction cups. Width 1.5 in. (DOT) 2.5 in. (Holder) Height 1.5 in. (DOT) 6 in. (Holder) Deep 1.5 in. (DOT) 4 in. (Holder) Nectar Capacity 1.25 oz. Nectar Container Plastic Feeding Stations 10 Nectar filling open size 1.5 in. Origin Country made in the USA

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