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This is the premium for the large-size seed blocks in the Mr.Bird line. We have found that our birds prefer these blocks to any seed block on the market (must be the pecans). The 1 lb. 12 oz. Mr.Bird NutCake XL is also one half pound heavier than the competition and much less expensive.

An amazing variety of birds visit these NutCakes. In addition to the regular feeder birds such as; Cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, finches, and titmice, we have reports of various warblers, wrens, kinglets, mockingbirds, and even bluebirds eating these NutCakes.

Attracts birds much more quickly than suet and without the problem of melting in the summer heat. Great for year round bird feeding. The convenient center hole allows for this seed cale to be mounted on a Mr. Bird cylinder feeder.This Mr. Bird nut cake will perform best when kept dry.

Ingredients: Pecans, black oil sunflower, sunflower hearts, white millet and gelatin.

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