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Make more room for the squirrels with JCs Wildlife's Nutty Mansion Squirrel House! The Nutty Mansion is a larger version of the JCs Wildlife Squirrel House Nesting Box with double the benefits and features to allow these backyard critters to store more nuts, play, and relax in squirrel-haven luxury! The front panel door swings up to allow easy access for installation and annual cleaning. On the outside there is a predator guard on each side, and if needed for a quick escape, two different entrance/exit holes for extra protection against pesky predators like raccoons and opposums. Inside contains two platforms for added security during nesting season and from determined predators. Four drilled holes in the bottom of the house allow for proper drainage and air flow to keep the mansion dry and cool. This one of a kind squirrel house is constructed with recycled poly lumber and stainless steel screws. Polylumber is guaranteed not to fade, crack, or split ensuring many years of use and entertainment! Designed and made in the USA!

  • Made entirely of recycled poly lumber
  • Built in predator guard
  • Multi-tiered interior provides next-level play and safety
  • Squirrel rehabilitators love it!

Where Should I Mount My House? The best place to mount your Ultimate Squirrel Nesting Box is 12-30 feet in a tree that is at least 10 inches in diameter, and adjacent to hardwood or nut-producing trees. We have had many customers who found success mounting their house anywhere from 4 feet - 10 feet as well. The most important thing to remember when installing is to mount the house in a safe location off of the road where there is not much foot traffic. Placing peanuts in the house can even help attract squirrels faster. The Nutty Mansion weighs in at a sturdy 30lbs. It is recommended to to install with a helper at hand.


Outside Dimensions: 18.75" H x 23.5" L x 14" W x 12.5" D

Construction: Recycled Poly Lumber

Origin Country: USA

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