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The Original Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz. Glass bottle, bee/wasp proof, built-in perch, & 8 feeding stations The Best-1 Original Hummingbird Feeder holds 32 ounces of nectar. This feeder is bee and wasp proof, features a built-in perch, and has 8 feeding stations. The red bottom is designed to prevent other birds and bees from drinking the nectar, due to the sunken cap. The 32 ounce glass bottle is large enough to keep you from refilling so often and has a lot of eye appeal. This feeder is heavy when full thus eliminating the chance of nectar waste or swinging in the wind. The base separates from the bottle for easy cleaning. This feeder will not rust. Made in the USA

Width 6.5 in.
Height 15 in.
Deep 6.5 in.
Nectar Capacity 32 oz.
Nectar Container Glass / Plastic
Feeding Stations 8
Nectar Filling Open Size 1 in.
Origin Country made-in-the-usa.jpg

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