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  • CAPACITY: 24 oz. Glass bottle finished with Red luster
  • VINTAGE DESIGN: Vase design with vintage appeal
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Bottle, snap-apart base are easy to clean
  • METAL BASE: Copper-Finished lid and hanging loop
  • MULTI-PORT FEEDER: 4 flower-shaped feeding ports

Enhance your yard with a dazzling visual display that's sure to attract hungry hummingbirds with this Perky-Pet Daisy Vase Vintage Glass Hummingbird Feeder. To be expected from industry-leader Perky-Pet, the feeder offers not only long-lasting, functional design and effective results, but also a gorgeous accent piece--perfect for any backyard, garden, or patio.

Width 6.5 in.
Height 12 in.
Deep 6.5 in.
Nectar Capacity 24 oz
Nectar Container Glass
Feeding Stations 4