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    • This system is made of 16 gauge steel, powder-coated with a durable Black finish and stands about eight feet tall when assembled
    • The pole assembly is two inch diameter tubular steel and features four arms to support 4 different bird feeders or other hanging objects such as bird baths or flower baskets
    • The inverted cone-shaped squirrel-stopper baffle on the pole is spring-loaded and capable of moving both up and down and side to side
    • The bottom section of the pole is equipped with a ground auger which will make installation easy and very stable
    • Assembly is easy and the completed system is very functional but also has an attractive, somewhat Victorian look


Stop squirrels cold! This pole system is 100% squirrel proof! An ingenious, squirrel-stopping baffle is built right in--the center cylinder rocks from side to side and floats up and down. Squirrels can’t grab onto it or climb past it.

A screw-in auger is included to hold the pole firmly in the ground, and assembly is fast and easy—no tools required! Four additional hanging loops have been added and now this pole can hold 8 feeders.

When installed, measures approximately 7 feet high (just below decorative topper) when sunk 30" into the ground.

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