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Attract Screech Owls to take care of insects and rodents in your backyard

Did you know that Screech Owls are one of the easiest owls to attract to your backyard? The charming 7" owls can become quite tame, enough where they'll take up residence in your backyard and help control your rodent and insect population. These owls are found widely across the United States, so almost no matter where you live, Screech owls are close by and looking for a place to call home. Screech Owls and Saw-whet Owls can have a tough competition with other birds for natural cavities because they are so small, that's where our Ultimate Screech Owl Nest Box comes into the picture.

  • Front door opens easily for installation and access to clean the box after each nesting season
  • The size of the box represents similar habitats found in nature
  • Drainage holes in the floor promote proper drainage inside the box
  • Slats on the front help the adult owls climb into the house after hunting
  • Overhanging roof keeps the inside dry
  • Nesting material and mountings screws are included

Recycle Poly Lumber Construction

The durability of the weather-resistant poly lumber makes our box tough to withstand the elements while keeping it lightweight so that one person can install it by themselves.

Where Should I Mount My Box?

Screech Owls prefer to nest in deep woods, preferably near swamps. They can also be found nesting in coniferous woods and evergreen thickets in packs and gardens. For best results mount 10 to 20 feet high in a large, dense tree.

Breeds from southeastern Alaska east across central Canada to Nova Scotia and south to southern California, Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina (in mountains) and Connecticut. Winters in breeding range and south to Arkansas and North Carolina.

Outside Dimensions 12" W X 14" H X 10.5" D
Hole Diameter 3.5"
Hole Height Above Floor 9.75"
Construction Recycled Poly Lumber
Birds That Would Use This Nesting Box Screech Owl and Saw-Whet Owl
Origin Country made-in-the-usa.jpg
Cardinal Red/Gray
Brazilian Walnut/Green