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See for yourself why it's called the strongest bird house pole on the market

The Squirrel Stopper Universal Pole Kit features a sturdy, rust-resistant design, sure to hold up to even the largest and heaviest birdhouses and birdfeeders. The three sections attach easily and the included heavy-duty auger is the same style made popular by the original Squirrel Stopper Pole System. This mounting pole kit is designed to mount bird houses, bird feeders that can mount from the bottom and another other plate mounted outdoor accessory. We recommend using this pole for our Ultimate Bluebird House, Fly Thru Bird Feeder, Hopper Bird Feeder and Wood Duck House.
The Universal Pole is innovative in design, with a 1 1/4" diameter that tapers to the "universal" 1 inch diameter top. The included universal mounting flange allows for an object to be mounted on top or on the side of the flange. If the side mount is used, a plug is included to stop water from entering the pole from the open top mount. The pole stands nearly 5' tall in-ground when installed to the ground sticker marked at the bottom pole section.
  • With the 12" extender, this pole stands nearly 6' tall in-ground
  • With the 24" extender, this pole stands nearly 7' tall in-ground
This is not a squirrel-proof pole. Product manufactured in China.