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Audubon Snack Shack Feeder is squirrel resistant with weight activated perches to keep squirrels out by closing access to seed tray. The roof locks securely to keep squirrels out of hopper. The construction is durable, chew-resistant red powder coated steel with a sturdy metal hanger. Holding up to 7 lbs. of birds' favorite mixed seed, sunflower seeds, or safflower, this large capacity feeder requires less frequent filling. Perfect for any birding enthusiast.

Width 10.75 in.
Height 15.5 in.
Deep 6.5 in.
Construction Steel
Mounting Hanging
Capacity 7 lbs of Seed
Birds that use this feeder Songbirds and Clinging Birds
Seed or Feed Options Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Premium Mixed Seed, Peanut Chunks, or Safflower Seeds
Origin Country China